How Google Business Profile Management Will Grow Your Business

How Google Business Profile Management Will Grow Your Business

Welcome to episode 251 of The Determined Mom Show. I am your host, Amanda Tento, and today we will talk about how Google Business Profile Management will help you grow your business. Now, my voice is a bit off from what it used to be in some of the older episodes.

If you want to know what happened, you can listen to episode 243. Today we will talk about Google, my favorite subject, as you can tell from previous episodes. But I realized I may have never talked about how exactly will Google Business Profile Management grow your business.

It will grow your business exponentially. But first, I would like to give you some background on why. So what Google business profile does is give buyers info about your business right on Google. They don’t have to go anywhere. They don’t have to do any more searching. All the information that they need is right in front of them.

There are pictures; there’s your phone number; there’s your link to your website; there are services; there are products; there are testimonials. So they don’t need to go anywhere else to decide whether or not they want to call you, right? So that’s why Google Business Profile is amazing. The other amazing thing about it is you can now get messages.

You can get messages sent directly to your phone, like a notification. And those messages can bring you money and answer people’s questions. I see many of my clients, and I still have access to their listings, or if they’re current clients, I still have access to them.

And I see these messages coming through all the time, and the people that get a lot of business and a lot of messages are the people that are replying to them right away. If you turn on the messaging service, could you ensure you have… Your maps log in to whatever account that you have your Google Business profile on, and make sure that you’re checking and make sure that you have it set up to push to a text message for you automatically. A game changer there, and make sure you keep updating and posting and all those things. 

How can you use Google Business Profile Management to grow your business?

Let’s get an example, and an example of this would be a hair salon. I always use hair salons because it’s super easy and relatable, and it’s one of the brick and mortars that many people go to regularly. Let’s say you own a hair salon. And you have a Google business listing. How can you use that to grow your business? You’re able to use that.

By A, make sure that Google has all of your information. So every single thing on this profile listing needs to be filled out. It would be best if you had great pictures. Like any other social media platform, it’s visual and informational. So you’re going to have great pictures, you’re going to have accurate information, you’re going to have your hours listed accurately.

You’re going to ensure that everything you’re telling Google is accurate. You’re going to make sure that you have a great description. That’s using great keywords people are searching for to find you, such as best hair salon, best coloring, hair dyeing, processing, or whatever extensions you do.

So you want to ensure that you have those services that you specialize in and have those in your description and some location keywords. The next thing you will do is make sure that you reply to every review, whether positive or negative. And if you want more information on this, you can listen to episode 250 with Sylvia Ho.

And you’ll be able to find exactly what you need to say to those negative and positive reviews, if you don’t mind. Could you reply to every review because that is an opportunity? Your customer to put keywords in there, and if they don’t put those keywords, you can add them in. So this works for some industries but not as well for others because of confidentiality issues.

Sylvia brought that up on our episode, and she’s an attorney, so she can’t say, Oh, it was great helping you with X, Y, and Z, if the client still needs to reveal that. So with a haircut, It’s not as confidential, so that’s a different industry. So keep that in mind as you do this for your industry.

The other thing is that getting more reviews gives you more user signals, right? It gives Google more user signals, not you. And so the more reviews you have, the more popular your listing is, the more popular your location. The more people you have coming through the door helps you as well because, guess what?

Google tracks everybody. We already know that. They can tell you how busy any business is right now if you go to that business and it will give you Is it busier than usual? Not as busy? Busy as normal? All of those things, so that’s because Google tracks everyone. So the more users that are in your business, the better.

The more users leave reviews for your business, the better. Your reputation will be a huge part of it because Google reviews are the second-ranking factor for Google SEO. Number one is Google Business Profile, number two is Google Reviews, and then number three is your website.

The other thing that it’s going to allow you to do is show up in more searches, and the more searches you show up in, the more you’re going to rank, right? The higher you’re going to rank, the more customers you’re going to get. It’s just like a circle that leads back. It’s just an ecological circle just feeding into itself.

So the more you work on your Google business profile, the better. The other thing it’s going to do is it is going to give you opportunities every single day, even multiple times a day, if you want to share about your business. And when I say share about your business, I’m not talking about social media posts; I’m talking about what people are searching for.

So you’re going to wanna create posts that give information about your services, specifically things that people will be searching for on Google. So again, going back to the example of a hair salon, if I’m searching for the best hair extensions in Portland, Oregon. I am going to want to make a post about that.

If you want to find out what people are searching for to find you, you can go to your Google search console and see what searches I showed up for. What are people searching for to be able to come to my website? Those will be some of the searches you’re going to target.

You’re also going to target some of your services. For example, if you do a Brazilian blowout, You want to ensure that you have that as a post periodically. I just wanted to let you know that you want to provide a great picture. You’d like to provide a link to the book. You want to make sure that all of those keywords are in there. You want to make sure your location keywords are in there.

So Google is pulling data from every single thing that you put into Google, right? So it pulls it from your description. It pulls it from your products. It pulls it from your services. It pulls it from your reviews. It pulls it from your review responses, and it also pulls from your posts, your updates. So ensure you’re updating your profile regularly, ensuring all your information is accurate, and posting regularly.

That is what Google Business Profile Management is all about. Managing that profile so you get the maximum benefit for your business from Google. If you enjoyed this episode, please let me know. You can reach out atamanda@tdm-marketing.com. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me there.

And I usually hang out on LinkedIn. So if you want to connect, please send me a connection request. I am looking forward to connecting with you. And I thank you for listening. I hope you have a great week.


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