How to Tell If You Have Google Analytics Installed On Your Website & Why You Need It

Welcome to episode 177 of The Determined Mom Show. I am so glad that you’re here and listening to this episode. It is a must-listen for every single person that has a website, whether you’re a business, whether you’re, you, just have a blog or any of those things you need. To have Google Analytics installed.

So that’s what we’re gonna talk about today. How to tell if you have Google Analytics installed on your website and why you should, you should have Google Analytics installed on your website because you need to. No, I’m just kidding. There are many other reasons, but that is one of them. What is Google Analytics?

We have to start with knowing what Google Analytics can do for you. Google Analytics will track. All of the traffic going to your website. So it’s going to not only track the website, the traffic going to your website, it will track where they’re from. It will track what device they’re using. It will track absolutely everything about those people.

Then it will also track where those people came from. So I don’t mean like where they live, although they do track where they live, but it will also track. If your Pinterest pins are driving traffic, if your TikTok is driving traffic, if your YouTube channel is driving traffic, all of those things are gonna be possible, you’re gonna be able to see all of those things super quickly in Google Analytics, so very simple.

Very easy to look at. I highly recommend that everyone that has a website has Google Analytics because you’re gonna be able to see so much more than you can see without it. The other thing that it can do, and this is a really important one, is if you’re running ads or if you’re trying to push from a particular social media platform.

It’s going to track conversion. So let’s say you have a free download and you wanna know that, you know, you’re not missing any, sometimes there are technical glitches that happen and you may be getting people added to your list that isn’t showing up or you’re, you may have people say, oh, I downloaded this, but I’m not on the list and all of these things.

How to Tell If You Have Google Analytics Installed On Your Website & Why You Should

So let’s say that’s happening. There’s some kind of, you’re not sure how many people are downloading your free whatever that is. Free guide or free workshop worksheet, anything. 

So you’re not sure how many people are converting on that download. So you can track that with Google Analytics.

You can track when they click a button, you can track when they click a phone number to call you. You can track so many different things. You can track a website page. So these things are all really important in knowing whether or not. Whatever you’re doing in your marketing is working so important.

The last three pick-my-brain calls that I’ve had scheduled in the last couple of weeks have all revolved around Google Analytics, making sure that it’s installed, making sure that it’s installed correctly.

That’s a really important one because if you have multiple websites, it’s super easy to get the wrong tag installed on the wrong site. It’s just kind of a mess if you do that. Important to make sure that all of those things are, you know, done properly and just make sure that everything’s connected and talking to each other.

You can also connect your Google Analytics to your Google Ads, and you can connect both of those things to Google Search Console, which we’re gonna be talking about in episode 179. Stay tuned for that episode, but. There’s no question you have to have Google Analytics installed.

Now that we’ve established what it is, and why you need it, let’s talk about how you can quickly check and see if you have it installed on your website without even logging in, without having to do, you know, go into the back end of your website, all that stuff. You can do it right now. Take two seconds and if you’re on a desktop, you’re gonna go to yours.

And you are going to, I always open in Chrome. So that’s up to you. Open your website and you’re going to right click and you’re gonna go to view page source. Okay, so you are viewing the page source. So you’re gonna do a Control F, and you’re going to. Type in analytics and then hit enter, and you’re gonna see how many times analytics shows up.

I have, my particular website has it eight times because I have other analytics installed as well. So it’s not just Google Analytics, but as long as you see a tag that has Google Analytics, so it’s gonna say developers.google.com/analytics. So that is what you want to see. To know that you have analytics installed.

The other thing that you’re gonna wanna make sure that you do is make sure that you have access to your Google Analytics. If a web designer or web developer or SEO created or installed your Google Analytics, you wanna make sure that you have ownership of your Google Analytics. You just do that by having them invite you as a user on your, on your Google Analytics.

And there is nothing that should hold you back from doing that today. And all you’re going to do is go ahead and create your account. You just type in your domain name where it says Create Property, and I highly. You can create a UA account, which is a universal analytics account, but I also highly suggest creating a G4 account and getting used to, it if you’re just starting out using that kind of tracking because you, the UA, Universal Analytics are going to be phased out.

I do believe it’s in either July of this year or July of next year. I can’t remember off the top of my head, but you must make sure that it’s installed. If you’re, you install the global site tag, so it’s gonna give you a little bit of code and you’re just gonna put that in the header of your website and it will track all of your pages if you wanna do some conversion tracking and things like that.

It is a little bit more complicated, but not much. So keep that in mind. You can also use something called Google Tag Manager. And install tags and conversions on your website. 

How to Tell If You Have Google Analytics Installed On Your Website & Why You Should

So if you need any help with this, please, please, please reach out. You can go to our website and you can easily click on contact. And then there is a book, a call link in that little dropdown menu. That’s how you can go ahead and book a pick my brain call so that, we can spend an hour together and go through your analytics, really go through making sure that you.

Your sitemap is submitted to the search console, making sure everything is hooked up, making sure, and even every time that I do a pick my brain call, honestly, we find lots of other things in the back end of your website that either need cleaned up or updated or something’s not working.

So that’s an important thing as well. It’s. Almost like a checkup, if you will. I would consider picking my brain to call a checkup sometimes. Sometimes we do strategy, but a lot of times it ends up being a marketing checkup.

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