How to Find Your Passion and Market Yourself with Aprille Reed

How to Find Your Passion and Market Yourself with Aprille Reed

Welcome to The Determined Mom Show. I am your host, Amanda Tento. Today, I have a very special guest, Aprille Reed, and Aprille is a Webinar Assets Specialist, who teaches aspiring service-based entrepreneurs how to earn income by teaching what they know. Aprille, I’m so excited to have you, please tell us about how you help people, especially now that this pandemic has affected our countries so deeply. 

I feel for everyone during this pandemic who just woke up one day and didn’t have a job anymore, so it inspired me to even show up more now. I love doing what I do, which is helping aspiring entrepreneurs earn money and teaching them their passion and how to get paid for it.

I love that you’re helping women to be independent. Tell me what kind of problems you solve for those who are finding themselves in a position without a job but don’t want to go back to work for It. 

So the first thing I do is help them find something that they’re passionate about. Once we pick a business that we’re passionate about, now we need to start solving problems but not just any problems I’m talking urgent problems. So these problems have to be urgent, like solved yesterday, because those people aren’t going to be ready to act.

It’s better to seek out those people that are in that moment of desperation. It’s going to be so much easier and your business is going to be successful. Then find out how you make yourself unique. That’s how you create your blue ocean but you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Russell Branson says people will buy something packaged differently. 

You can try to become a coach and put that knowledge into a course. Can you take that course and put it into a book that you sell on Amazon? Can you create by-products that complement that course so you’re not always exchanging time for money?

That’s great! So you help women kind of figure that out, figure out their passion, and walk through those steps. So what happens when they’ve gone through all the steps and they’re now ready to begin their business, what services do you offer them? 

So when they have something that they want to sell, I help them learn how to market themselves with webinars, because I tend to work with busy moms and that’s why I love webinars, because you can leverage your time and scale so much easier when it comes with webinars. Plus, I like dealing with service-based entrepreneurs who love teaching what I know. I help them create their webinars and their webinar funnels and figure out what they need to sell on these webinars.

That’s awesome. So thank you for all of the information that will help women to start their business and scale it the right way. To our readers, have a great week.

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