Email Marketing-The Final and Most Enduring Step in Your Proven Marketing System

Welcome to episode 207 of The Determined Mom Show. I am your host, Amanda Tento. And today we are going to talk about the final step in your proven marketing system, which is email marketing. This is the final and also the most enduring step in your proven marketing system because it’s going to be automated.

It’s going consistently. Contact your clients for you on a regular basis, and just make sure that they know that you are there, what you can help them with and why they should work with you really. So many different factors that you can put into an email marketing sequence, but let’s talk about why it is important and why we put it at the end.

Email marketing is the final component and it basically allows you to communicate and update your regular customers, and send your new potential customers back to your website. And it also drives overall conversions long term. Okay. This completes a circle.

So I want you to imagine a circle and if you have already downloaded the six marketing must guarantee to get you more customers. You’re gonna see this circle on every single page. And what this circle does is it starts with your website at the top, goes over to SEO, then down to Google business profile. 

Getting more positive reviews on Google ads, and then ending with your email marketing system. But that email marketing system leads directly back to your website, which is what you always want to happen.

One thing that I’ve noticed over the years in marketing is that social media has taken a place in people’s. Mental marketing, I guess you could say your mental marketing space, like it, it seems so important and so heavy and so focused that we forget that we can use it. Google, is the most powerful marketing tool online.

Email Marketing-The Final and Most Enduring Step in Your Proven Marketing System

They have lots of different tools for us to use, to grab those clients that are actually searching for our products or services without actually having to focus a lot of time on social media without actually having to put that effort into.

Posting every day and engaging and all of those things just takes a lot of time. And if you set up a proven marketing system, which this is, you will be able to do a lot less of that engagement, unless it’s something that you enjoy. I think that I think it, I think the reason that I’ve taken this stance and that I’ve investigated this and that I’ve been implementing it for my own business is that.

I don’t really love posting on social media unless it’s for personal reasons. I don’t love monitoring comments. I don’t love replying. I don’t love any of that stuff. I don’t, I just don’t like it. And so I’m like, there’s gotta be another way. And there is another way. It’s just using Google to promote your business and getting those customers to your network and your sphere of influence in your ecosystem.

If you. So our goal with email marketing is always to send people back to our website. So you can do this by. A million different ways. You can collect customers in a million different ways. You can do lead magnets. You can do blog posts that have a link to a lead magnet. Answering questions is gonna be the most important thing that you do on your website.

Google recently had an update and it wants to make sure that you are answering the questions that people are searching for. It’s called the helpful content update. This is probably one of the most important updates, because if you’ve been optimizing your website for SEO in a spammy keyword stuffing non-genuine way.

Then you’re going to be in trouble because this update is gonna probably tank your rankings. But for most of us who are genuine in our businesses, and we’re not trying to just put stuff out there that is, canned content, like think of AI writers and. And those kinds of things you want to actually answer the questions that your customers are looking for.

Google is going to reward you by sending people your way. Okay. That’s how you need to think of it. So once they get to your website, you want them to opt into something. So you can then remarket to them via email or Google ads if you wanna run Google ads. But make sure that what your goal is, will attract them.

Knowing what your services are, knowing what problems you solve for them. That is the content that you need to have on your website. That is what you need to give to Google, to attract people to your website. Then once they’re there again, you’re gonna. Capture their email in some way, shape, or form, whether you’re giving them something they’re signing up for your newsletter.

Newsletters don’t really work cuz people don’t like junk mail anymore. So I recommend having some sort of download or value added to that. Customers, business life, whatever it is that you solve for them that they can take. And they feel like they’re getting something back.

Email Marketing-The Final and Most Enduring Step in Your Proven Marketing System

That’s the most important. So you can think of the email marketing system as the oil that keeps your whole proven marketing system running. Because if you don’t have that email, then it basically just stops when. They get served at Google ads or when they visit your website, they’re just never going to come back.

And we don’t want that. This is the oil that kind of keeps all of these gears flowing and keeps them aware of what you’re doing that keeps them aware of your services, your products, your business, keeps them in the know. So we don’t like clients to rely on social media platforms to communicate with their clients.

The reason for this is that I’ve seen so many people, I’ve seen people with like millions of TikTok followers, just get shut out of their account and they can never get in again. Can you imagine you have such a huge influence on people, millions of people, and you have no way of knowing who it was, how to contact them, or anything?

Instagram does it, Facebook does it. I’ve seen just so many people just get shut out. It can even happen with Facebook groups. There’s a new feature where if someone requests to become a Facebook or, a moderator to your group, and then I guess you don’t see that notification or something they can take over Facebook can grant them that access.

It’s crazy. So you really need to be sending people away from social media, gathering people away from social media. And giving them that interaction that they want from you outside of that, and email marketing is definitely the way to do that. It is also another way, the best way to avoid relying on those third parties for access to your audience.

If you are active on LinkedIn and you get locked out of your LinkedIn account, no one hears from you for two weeks, and then they forget about you, right? If you’re active on Instagram and you get locked out of your Instagram, all this engagement is happening with the things you just posted. You can’t do anything about it.

You have no way to get back on Facebook. In the same way, you lose access to that audience. What you need to be doing is capturing that audience, nurturing them, and educating them. And willing them. You wanna make sure that they understand how you can help them, what you can do for them, and give them more information on how you can improve their life.

Whether you do service-based business, brick-and-mortar product-based business, or whatever it is you need to let them know how to do it. So just like the website in your proven marketing system, your email marketing system is both the beginning and the end of the proven marketing system. It basically allows you to add new users from all of the marketing methods above.

So from your website, from, SEO, from organic traffic from. Google my business or Google business profile from Google ads, all of those people that you’re collecting are adding them to your email marketing system. And then you’re going to make sales just from sending emails to them, letting them know what you’re working on, letting them know what you’re doing.

That’s why this is so important. My personal and I’ll share with you the email marketing system of choice is Aweber. And the reason for that is that they are the only one in the industry that doesn’t actually outsource the spam filtering part of the email. So they’re very. They have very high open rates and high deliverability.

And so that is why I’ve chosen to use AWeber. If you go back, oh my goodness. I had Jenna on the podcast ages ago and if I can figure out what episode she was on, then I will share that with you. Going back to episode 66, how to launch your strategy and follow email backs, best practices with Jenna Bagley from AWeber.

That is gonna be your best episode to listen to. If you wanna learn more about Aweber. There should be a link in there. I can also include a link in the show notes here. So then that way you can check out Aweber’s free plan. They do have a very robust free plan. But I definitely use the paid plan because I love sending the blog broadcasts and so many other things that they have available.

So that is my favorite email marketing system. There are many others, there’s MailChimp, there’s Mailerlite, there’s Constant Contact. There’s. Let’s see, trying to think of all of them. There’s just a lot. So if you Google the email marketing system, you’re going to be able to find a million different options.

And you just choose whatever one works for you. Mailerlite is very. Easy user friendly, one to use. They have a free version. I wouldn’t recommend MailChimp because it’s gotten very expensive. It went from being free to be super expensive. Wouldn’t necessarily recommend that, but AWeber is definitely another of my favorites.

So if you are interested in figuring out where you are losing. Customers go ahead and download the six marketing must guarantees to get you more customers. That is the, basically the worksheet, the workbook that we have designed that all of this content is based on all of these episodes are all about.

And it really gives you a really detailed overview of what each step in the marketing system is, why you need to be taking these steps. And also it gives you a marketing holes checklist. So it allows you to see if there are holes in your marketing strategy, where they are and how you can fix them.

It also includes 30 quarterly checkup tasks for marketing. And includes things that you need to be doing every single quarter. So as soon as that happens, we’re gonna hit October here in a couple of weeks, unfortunately. But we’re gonna hit October soon. So this is something that you can use to go ahead and work through all of your marketing, make sure that everything is up to date.

Very important. I hope you have a wonderful week. And I thank you so much for listening and go ahead and check out the previous episodes, talking about our proven marketing system and they are starting at episode 195. And go through this one, talk to you soon.

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