The Easiest Way to Hire Virtual Team Members and Expand Your Team

The Easiest Way to Hire Virtual Team Members and Expand Your Team

Welcome to episode number 105 of The Determined Mom Show. Today I want to discuss the easiest way to hire virtual team members and expand your team. Recently, I have been working with an amazing company called Empowered Teams and Systems, and Jaz Leon is the founder of this company and she is amazing.

But more than that, she has completely changed my view of hiring a virtual team. The reason why it’s so different is that in the past, I would put an ad on Facebook or one of the Filipino VA Facebook groups or any Facebook group, and I would get a million different people replying.

All of these things, and you know that you need more time as a business owner. To vet all of them. That takes so much time and ensuring they have the skills they say they’re going to and those capabilities they say they have is a huge insurmountable task.

You’re hiring a virtual team member if you don’t have time already. You must go through this process and push through to get that time back. Jaz and her Empowered Teams and Systems team have completely changed my perspective of this process. They have overhauled the process and made it so easy.

So I had an interview with Jaz and told her what I needed, and she sent me a link. I went and filled out some forms and answered some questions. Then we had another meeting just to make sure that we were on the same page, and they posted the ad for the person and then literally vetted all of the people.

So they went through their qualifications and what we were looking for. They did all that heavy lifting, which is the impossible part of hiring someone to sort through all those applications and figure it out. And then, Not only that, but they interviewed these people for me, and they also had them do test tasks.

So something similar to what I would have them do in my business. And that’s another part that we did beforehand: we identified exactly what we would want these hires to do in the business, what tasks they would need to do, then, and what the tech stack was for each—and just identifying everything down to the core.

The other thing we did that was absolutely fabulous for my business, and my direction is establishing a mission, vision, goals, and core values. As a company, we stand for anti-racism and non-discrimination. So all those things are really important for any team member we’re bringing on, and Jaz also incorporated that into the interview process.

That was important to me as well. With all that said, I now have an amazing new hire, Patricia, who posted this podcast and is amazing. She fits everything as a virtual team member, and there is nothing I could ask for that she doesn’t have or can’t do, and I give all that credit to Jaz and empowered teams and systems.

The reason that I’m telling you this is that I’ve done it before. I’ve been there and hired a handful of other VAs. And they always stop doing what they’re supposed to be doing. They’ll fall off the face of the earth. They will need to complete a task. There’s so much going on, and it’s hard to hold them accountable from thousands of miles away.

However, those virtual team members are an integral part of your business. So Jaz and empowered teams and systems give you all the setups you need. They tell you the best way to manage virtual team members. They are creating Slack channels, creating forms of communication, and deciding on all of these things ahead of time.

So then, any subsequent hires are super quick, easy, and easy to execute. I’m hiring a bookkeeper, and then after that, my next hire will be a commissioned salesperson. I just wanted to share this with you because I want you to know that there are more straightforward ways out there, and there are more straightforward ways than you having to go through all of that work and all of that hassle,

You don’t have to do it alone, and you can have a very efficient, successful team hiring. The process if you are looking in the right places. So I want to encourage you to stop doing everything yourself and hire for positions you know you need to fill. Hire for those things that someone else could quickly be doing in your business, because that’s gonna free you up to have the time to do the things that are income producing and that will get you to the next level.

That’s where I’m at in my business and I hope that you will take that to heart and hire and delegate. I know you can do anything you need to do to get to that next step, and I look forward to hearing from you and your process. I hope you have a great week. 

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