Does Your Website Need a Makeover?

Does Your Website Need a Makeover.

Welcome to episode number 61 of The Determined Mom Show. Today I want to talk to you about your website. You may have had it up for a long time and need to update it.

So I will talk to you about how you can tell if you need to update yours. The first and most important thing is your website. It takes forever to load. If this is the case, you must update it as soon as possible because what’s going to happen is that anyone visiting your website will leave.

You’ve done this before, probably yourself, where you go to a website, click on a link, go somewhere, anywhere, and it never loads. Still needs to load. It’s broken, so everyone’s threshold for how long they will wait for that is different.

So your website should load in three seconds or less to be considered a great load time. So you can check this by going to GT Metrics. Just Google that, and you’ll be able to test the speed of your website, and it will give you some suggestions for how to improve that if you need help.

The determined mom offers website optimization services for $99, and we will increase your website and make it work much better. And that way you keep those visitors. Let’s talk about the second thing. So if you have no call to action or booking button or any way for someone to work with you, that will be one thing you absolutely need to update.

Could you tell people how to get ahold of you? They need to know what the next step is. They need to be able to take some action, which should be on the top of your website without having them scroll down. So if it’s not, when you see your website and don’t have to scroll down, you want to update that.

The third sign you need to update your website is that you have no option. Your opt-in is extremely important for growing your email list and sharing value with those you would like to serve as potential clients. So if you don’t have an opt-in, if you don’t have a way to add value to those visitors, those website visitors, it is critical that you do that.

Now, I have an amazing free printable website planner you can use to figure out. You will put each page, um, and you can also figure out which ones you want to have on your main menu, which ones you want to be hidden, and what pages you’ll put that opt-in on. That will help you see your website and how it functions from a larger perspective and ensure that it’s functioning and that all pages flow well together.

The fourth sign that you need to update your website is that you’ve updated your services, products, branding, or anything about your business. If you’ve added a service, make sure that you have that new service on your website. If you’ve added a product, make sure that you have that on there and the customers have the ability to purchase that product or service from it.

We’ll often add a new product or service and must remember to add it to the website or edit it. You need a page where people can learn about that product or that service. It’s critical, and if you don’t have that, go ahead and add it.

The fifth sign that you need to update your website is visitors need help understanding what you do and how they can work with it. This combines some of the things we were talking about earlier, and one of those things is your website takes forever to load, and you need a call to action or booking button.

When you have those things in place, people will understand what you do and how they can work with you by clicking on the links and buttons that will lead them to the next step of working with you. If you have these things in place, it will be easier to convert those visitors into customers and ensure they understand your next steps and how to work with you.

Now another thing, and this will be like a little bonus, is if your website needs to be updated. So many websites out there still look like they were built ten years ago. So much has changed in the web design industry in the last five years, three years, two years, and one year, making building a beautiful website much easier.

This means that you need an excuse for your website to be outdated and not to have all of these features we’ve discussed. So if you need to update your website, you can always contact the Determined mom. We’ll be able to help you to update your website. We do offer WordPress updating and those types of services.

But you can also learn how to do it yourself. So there are many ways to do that. We also have a WordPress starter course, so if you’re looking to switch from WordPress or Squarespace or any of those, you can learn how to do that in the WordPress Express Starter Program. Now, the challenge I will give you is to go ahead and either you or someone else you trust.

Go ahead and visit your website, and you’re going to look for all the things we discussed. So you’re going to look for your load time, you’re going to look for your call to action or booking button. You’re going to make sure you have an opt-in. You’ll also make sure that all your products and services are updated.

And see how easy it is for visitors to understand what you do and how they can work with you. So go ahead, check out your website, or have a trusted friend or colleague check it out for you, and then you can go ahead and get started on updating. Thank you, and have a great week. This episode of The Determined Mom Show is brought to you by the Google My Business Master Course.

This course will help you get into the top three search results on Google by learning how to manage your Google My Business profile properly. I include optimizing exactly what you need to post every week. The easiest way to increase your revenue in the Google era is to be in the top three.

You’ll increase your website visits, phone calls, and requests for directions from customers searching for your business. At the moment that they need to purchase. So this is such a valuable course, and you can access it by clicking the link in the show notes, or you can also access it inside of the online marketing for moms membership.


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