Creating an Intention to Grow in 2022 with Rita Abdallah

Welcome to episode 154 of The Determined Mom Show. I am your host, Amanda Tento and I have with me via lovely Rita Abdullah her official title is founder of a turning point, yoga, and wellness. Welcome Rita, I’m excited just knowing your background, knowing you know, what you do in your business, and just knowing your kind of I’m excited about our topic today, which is creating an intention to grow in 2022 and there is no other person that I could think would be better to talk about this with. 

Thank you Amanda for having me. Most people over the years, have this idea of resolutions to be better or to do something different, to let go of something or someone and whether it’s to lose weight, stop smoking, etc and so I’ve come to understand that maybe resolutions are not the right approach to the new years because over time it’s almost as if people are setting themselves up to fail and it hurts to fail.

Even though we know many success articles and research says that failure helps us move into a stronger version of ourselves but to start that way with that mindset in the new year and not being able to stay committed to that resolution changes somebody and it may cause somebody to feel poorly about themselves and their ability to stay committed to an activity and so what I’ve done with people over time moves them in the direction of intention and so it’s not a pass-fail with intention.

It’s more like a practice. You go down, you get up, you sit down and you get up. So I likened it to yoga in that you come in, you get on your mat and you want to practice something. So you practice moving the body, opening the heart, and allowing the breath to participate in this physical activity. 

When you practice yoga it’s the same as intentions. So you sit with your intention and you get to breathe into it and allow the emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental parts of you to participate in activating or bringing to life this intention.

Creating an Intention to Grow in 2022 with Rita Abdallah

So now the intention has a living, breathing organism or body of energy that can be shaped and formed based on your creativity and your willingness to trust yourself enough that you can allow that possibility to grow and thrive in your life. That’s awesome. I love the difference between intention and resolution because resolution sounds so black and white like it’s set in stone.

There’s not going to be any wavering. There can not be any flexibility but intention feels good and warm and open and this is something that I intend to do and if I don’t do it, then it’s okay. I’m going to give myself that leeway.

 There’s so much that has been affected by this pandemic and these intentions that you’re talking about for 2022 are important versus those resolutions because we all have figured out that nothing is plannable.

So it’s all about the flow. So when you flow with intention, if I intend to create more peace in my life, I’m going to use the lens of peace as I interact with others, as I drive in my car and I’m stuck in traffic as I’m on the mat. 

So I choose peace more than that tornado. I choose peace more than being stuck in traffic. I choose peace more than being distracted and every time you set yourself up in that choice of peace, peace comes because you asked the flow to come to you in that moment of distraction, frustration, and disappointment. 

So that’s why I love intention because it’s a practice and you could use it right at that moment when you think that the stress is going to win, or you think that you’re going to get hurt one more time by being in this relationship or that you’re never going to get through all those emails in your inbox, peace is bigger than your inbox and the relationship that’s hurting you and you gotta want it.

Thank you so much for sharing that and so as we’re going into 2022, what are a few tips that you have for us to kind of think about our year? What are those practices that we can figure out that are going to be the right ones for us to put into place? 

Something I do with clients around this time of year is that I draw a line on the ground and one side is 2021 and on the other side is 2022 and so what I say to them is this, how are you going to get to cross that line? 

What are you going to leave in 2021? What do you want to take with you into 2022? Who do you want to leave in 2021? and who do you want to take with you in 2022? So if you went through the who, what, where, and how, It becomes a very interesting conversation you have with yourself because the only way we can move forward. For the last couple of years, I have had a workshop, and what we do as a group acknowledges your intention and we create it together.

Creating an Intention to Grow in 2022 with Rita Abdallah

There’s a worksheet that moves us through the intention process and there are some really fun surprises that take place in that workshop. 

So we start with a guided meditation where you’re sitting down in this very quiet place and you are making contact with that connection, that intention and so once the contact has been made, we start working through the worksheet and then we discuss as a group, what our intentions are and then the group participates in supporting you with your intention.

The next step is that we follow up with a short yoga class. So we’re not only imagining the intention, now we’re moving the body with your intention. So we’re practicing, aligning the body, the mind, the breathing, with this new beginning.  

Thus allowing the possibility of this new version of you coming forward and so we’re just rooting that in the body, rooting that in the mind and the heart and the breath, so that it has a chance to live and breathe and thrive in the months ahead.

So Amanda blessings to you and your beloved community that you’ve fostered and put intention into fruit for so long. I’m glad that it’s all working out for you and I wish you and your listeners or viewers a very wonderful 2022.” Thank you Rita for your time and your wisdom. 

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