Changes to Google My Business aka Google Business Profile In October and November of 2021

Welcome to episode 149 of The Determined Mom Show. Today, I want to share with you some of the biggest changes on Google My Business for October & November 2021.

So before we only had the “Veteran Owned”, “Women-Led “ and” Black Owned”, so now they added “Latino Owned” back in September. So that is great news for any Latino-owned businesses out there. The next change that happened in October of 2021 is going to be that Google started testing a five-pack for the local search engine results page, as opposed to a three-pack. So they may keep this change or go back to a three-pack.

There is a new Google My Business feature for select businesses that allow people to request a quote via email and that’s a really important part too, for people like fencing contractors or auto shops, or any business that can give a quote on a particular project. 

Changes to Google My Business aka Google Business Profile In October and November of 2021

Another change to the Google display is that they now have a kind of a reviews carousel that people can scroll through when they search and see your website come up for your Google My Business listing come up and that will allow them to kindly take a little peek through your reviews without actually having to click on your review.

There is also now a Purple Heart icon for women-owned businesses. There’s also a new crowd category in the attribute section and they’ve moved the LGLGBTQ-friendly attribute to that and they’ve also added a transgender safe space. So those are really important attributes because it’s important to have all demographics feel comfortable in our spaces.

In November, one major change that happened is that it was no longer called Google My Business but Google Business profile. Also if someone has read the message that you’ve sent to them, that will now show a read receipt, which is helpful and knowing whether that person saw your message or not, if you are a single business and you only have one business, you may be able to see in your help page a recent cases list. There is also a dashboard for support inquiries such as; filing a review, disputing a review, account suspension, etc.

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