How to Be a Catalyst for Change in Your Business

How to Be a Catalyst for Change in Your Business.

Welcome to episode 55 of The Determined Mom Show. Today I will discuss how you can catalyze change in your business and why you should be so.

In recent months, I guess it’s almost a month since George Floyd passed in the hands of the Minneapolis police, and since then, there have been many other assaults on Americans. Not only black Americans but white Americans are standing up for Black Americans. It’s just been a crazy, crazy time, and the fact that this is still happening in 2020 shows us how far we still have to go.

The 13th Amendment was passed in 1865, 155 years ago. However, it left room for basically legal enslavement. So, the black population of this country has been a really under-the-radar, I would say, way of keeping African Americans from having the same rights, lives, and abilities as white Americans.

The entire time. So they still don’t and will only once a sweeping change happens. And today, I want to talk to you about some different things. One is how you can use your business and your personal life. Could you rectify this situation? I want to avoid rectifying this because it’s not an overnight process, but to be on the positive side of making a change in this country.

So then, that way, there is no privilege. We have a long way to go, but the things I will talk to you about today can help move us in the right direction and make these changes in our fundamental everyday practices, especially involving your business.

I’m going to go ahead and start talking about them. The first thing you can do is learn differently from what you learned in school. Our history books have been altered only to include the positive things that white people have done and some of the contributions of Black Americans, but most of those contributions.

It was wrapped in half-truths. So they may only tell you the shining parts that make white Americans, white historians, and white political figures look good. It’s essential to start researching. I would create about 400 years ago when the slave trade began so you can understand.

The motivations behind it and how it happened to start with African history and see where those colonizations happened even into the 21st century and 20th century. Those things have been just going on for years, and they’re still going on. Much of Africa, or much of Africa, is still controlled by European countries, and it still affects Africans today in their prosperity and all of those things.

So it’s not just something that happened. A while ago, it’s still happening today. And so just making yourself aware and educating yourself and learning about the history and the present will help you understand what’s happening. The second thing is just being quiet and listening to what Black, indigenous, and people of color are saying about what’s going on.

You may need help understanding it. If you are white and grew up in an area where none of this happened, you weren’t exposed to it. When someone of color talks to you or they’re on Facebook or wherever they’re talking, really listen and process what they’re saying instead of being immediately defensive.

Process and see what they’re saying and try to understand it. , this goes into the next thing, which would be empathizing. So imagine whatever situation, whatever scenario they’re talking about. Imagine if that was you in that situation. I know it can be challenging. Still, if you can put yourself into their shoes, just imagining how you might feel if that same thing happened to you, that will make a world of difference in your understanding of the outrage, the frustration, everything that’s going on, right?

The fourth thing that you can do is debate. So if you have trouble processing, definitely start talking to people. You can talk to other white people with a different perspective than you. You can talk to anyone, try to talk through it, understand it, and make sure you’re having these conversations.

We are not talking about it. Not having these conversations is going to perpetuate the systematic racism that is in existence. What that systematic racism is. There are many resources to understand, basic research, and why our country was founded.

And you were built with a system that does not value anyone of color. That goes for Indigenous Americans, black Americans, and almost every immigrant from every other country. So when you speak out or when you’re debating, make sure that you speak out. Make sure that you’re standing for what is right.

And the way that you can always check this is to feel use your heart. Like, would I want this to be said about my child? What do I want? This is to be said about my brother, my father, whatever. Is this something I would be proud to say to my children? Is this something that I would be proud to teach them?

Will this value serve them or the world as they grow? So that’s an easy way to check what you’re saying and see if it’s genuine and coming from a place of. The next thing is to speak with your money. When you’re going to hire someone, when you’re going to hire a coach, when you’re going to join a group, when you’re going to pay a VA, when you’re going even to purchase groceries or coffee or anything that you do in your daily life, I encourage you to look into.

The background of that company and make sure that they have not participated in any systematic racism or are not overtly against the Black Lives Matter movement or anything like that. Because anytime you spend money, you are feeding those businesses, and you are providing. Those opportunities to continue the system in a way that is not moving the country in the right direction towards black lives being equal to white lives, Hispanic lives, all of the lives being equal.

We are not at a place where all lives matter. That’s not where we are, and we need to get there. But right now, Black Lives Matter is a movement to contact us to a place where we can truly say that all lives matter in this country. That’s different from how the government is right now. But eventually, if we all work collectively towards changing our country and the fabric of the heart of the country, we can work towards it.

I want to talk about the next thing I would like to talk about understanding your guilt. It is very easy knowing that your ancestors, my ancestors, have created this system and done everything. Just even how our country was founded, There are a lot of things to go behind that and, and to feel and all of those things.

You should understand, process, and use that to know we can do better from here forward as a collective humanity. Next, I actively participate in real life. So whenever you see or hear anything like that, anyone or anything you think is racially motivated, speak up and tell them why it’s not okay.

And it is being an advocate and an activist for people in real. Rather than only on social media, it’s really important to help others understand. This movement is only political in that politics have built the system of this systematic racism over the last 400 years. That is the only political issue about it.

It is a humanitarian issue. It is not a Republican, a Democrat, it’s. What is good for humanity and suitable for all people in your heart? And that is one thing that will lead me into the next. You will never have to think about this if you lift everyone else in love, encouragement, and support.

Make sure that you’re supporting their business; you’re supporting them, cheering them on, and you are just everyone you come across. If you can show them that you value them as a person and their life, family, friends, and everything they do, you value their work.

You value every single part. Of their life, just as much as everyone else in the world. Then this world is going to be an amazing place. Imagine if all of us did that daily. Anyone we encounter, we say hello, we ask how they’re doing. We take an interest in people.

I want them to know that they. The future. They need to see themselves as people who can start a business, grow it, and do everything. They need to be included in the overall marketing, and it’s very whitewashed, especially among the coaching and marketing communities that I am a part of.

Prevalent issue. That’s why I did that episode. And I also have seen quite some backlash from different group leaders, white group leaders that are not understanding what’s going on. They don’t understand, don’t know what to do, and have silenced people speaking out.

It’s not okay. Silence people on the Black Lives Matter movement, but not silence. People that are talking about Covid 19. All of this affects everything, especially when you’re an entrepreneur. It affects not only your personal life but it affects your business. Your business is your personal life, everything, and it’s all intrinsically intertwined.

Just a never-ending circle of life that needs to be recognized. It’s not exclusive to business, and it needs to be acknowledged. So I hope you took something away from this episode, and if you have any questions or need to comment or let me know if anything I may have said needs to be corrected, please do.


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  • Learn
  • Be quiet and listen
  • Empathize
  • Debate
  • Speak out
  • Speak with your money
  • Understand your guilt
  • Be an active participant IRL
  • Love and lift everyone else up.

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