Business Mom Summit Day One-Mind Preview Episode

Business Mom Summit Day One-Mind Preview Episode

Welcome to episode 41 of The Determined Mom Show. Today’s episode it’s going to be a little different than all of our previous episodes, and what I’m going to do is I’m going to give you a preview of each of the speakers and their sessions from day one of the Business Mom Summit that’s coming up in April.

It is going to be an amazing, amazing experience because you’re going to get to see firsthand all of the speakers that are on day one, and you’re going to also hear from them directly and hear some questions that I ask them about their topic and all kinds of awesome things. I do want to introduce the speakers in this introduction.

So we have our first speaker on day one, which is all about the mind. Uma Alexandra Beepat She is the owner of the Lotus and the Light Medic Physical Center, and she is, and that’s located in Manassas, Virginia. She’s going to be teaching us the mindful entrepreneur employing. Spiritual practices for success. So she is an amazing wealth of knowledge.

She’s got over 40 certifications in the metaphysical slash clinical world, and she is just awesome. So next up will be Tammy Brockman. She is the. Owner of Tammy Brockman Nutrition. She’s been a licensed dietician for over 20 years, and she will teach us how to use mindfulness to take our mind off of what’s for dinner and put it back on our business.

I know this is a struggle for many, and she will help us overcome it. Next up is going to be Julia Busby. She is a life coach with finding her, and she will teach us how to redesign our business using mindfulness and gratitude. Those are two very important things; just using them will be amazing and change your business.

The next speaker, Teresa Lodato, will teach us the gifts of self-awareness to reduce stress and create better relationships. And then we have Mary Allison Brown, who will teach us how to overcome fear and self-sabotage. And then last but not least, for day one, we have Daisy Clements, who is from coaching with Daisy, LLC.

And she will be talking about why you’re not taking the action you want to take, and she will teach us how to make that happen.  I am very excited to have these amazing mothers at the summit. They are just a wealth of knowledge and why I structured the summit as I did.

With a mind on day one, because if you don’t have all of these things set in your mind, you won’t be able to grow. You’re not going to be able to succeed in the way you want to, and you’re going to limit your growth if your mindset is not right. I speak from personal experience for this because I’ve done that for the first year of my business.

I had a specific mindset and was very set on things and very limiting in my beliefs. And now that I’ve let that go and worked past it, I’ve been doing mindset work. Things are changing in my business, and I want you, as a mom business owner, to make sure that you have that solid foundation of having your mind in the right place with the right attitude and the right.

So you can succeed. That is my goal. I want you to succeed. That’s the goal of the Business Mom Summit. And we want to; all of us speakers want to help you succeed in any way that you can, in any way that we can help you succeed. Overcoming your current challenges, whether it be mindset or business.

Marketing or social media. So we look forward to having you register for the Business Moms Summit if you still need to. Thank you. Let’s go ahead and get started. Hi everyone. Amanda Tinto here, and I am here with Uma Alexandra Beepat, and she is the owner of the Lotus Wellness Center in Manassas, Virginia.

They are the person I would go to for any holistic, spiritual, or practice. Cause she’s got all of the certifications, everyone, that you can think of. Could you tell us a little about what you will be teaching us?

So for the Business Mom Summit, I am talking about the Mindful Entrepreneur employing spiritual practices for success. I know that people. You rarely try to put together spirituality with success and business, but I found a way to do it, and I’ve found a way to make working feel fun and part of your bigger purpose.

That’s awesome. We all need that. Like desperately, I think the world needs a big old sage. There’s so much, especially when we do a lot of online interactions with people. There’s a lot of negativity on Facebook, and you ask for someone’s opinion, and then you get things that are not so nice, and there’s a lot of that, not to mention all of just the daily workings of your business.

How did you start your business? I have a Master of Science and healthcare management. So my earlier life in the real world was part of hospital administration. So I used to run, you know, departments in the hospital or I worked at.

Palm Beach Psychiatric and Addiction Center as the administrator. So I came from a management background, and in my thirties, I had what most of us have, like a spiritual awakening, reconnecting me to who I originally was. I’ve always been like an empath and a very intuitive child growing up, and there was this drawback to that I started taking classes, and as Amanda said, I’m certified in over 45 modalities.

I’ve been doing this work for 11 years and am currently the CEO and owner of Lotus Wellness Center, the Lotus, and the Light Metaphysical Center. I’m the president of the Manassas Holistic Chamber of Commerce and an elite TERRA wellness advocate. I’m like, Boat feet, whole body up to your neck in the spiritual practices and field.

I started by following my intuition and spiritual guidance on this path. And it’s just opened up and flowered and bloomed, and I’m here to help people find their way as a soul alignment coach. So that’s how I got into it.

I know because I’ve had you on the podcast before, I know a lot more about you than the audience, but she is just amazing, and it gives me goosebumps to sit here with her and, doing this interview, so very excited.

And how do you work with people all the time who are business owners and are trying to go on that spiritual journey? So what is the biggest struggle that you see with business owners? Trying to mix those two. It goes into limiting beliefs that business owners have.

When I work with my clients, I usually work with female entrepreneurs, and they buy into what is happening right in front of them right now. So you are only looking at the money that’s coming in the time that you have. Your business and family obligations, which feel very heavy, are boxing people in.

So when I work with people, I open up their viewpoint and their perspective and remind them that, you know, we go back to that original. Why did you come as a soul and incarnated on this planet? And I have them look at it. I usually start with my people by doing like a visualization and saying, what is this all about?

Many business owners struggle with that, remembering you’re here for a higher purpose. You’re not just here to pay bills. Or to be a caretaker, a caregiver, like you’re so much more, and we have to reconnect you back to that. And once you do, then all of life becomes joyful. I mean, even washing the dishes becomes joyful.

That’s the pot of samiti, the enlightenment, the bliss that comes from realizing your actualized potential. So that’s what business owners struggle with, just being in that limiting view and perspective and thinking this is all.

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The Business Mom Summit is coming up in April of 2020!  Listen to this episode to hear the audio previews of the Day One Speakers!  These women are all about helping you shift your mindset into one of health, wealth, and prosperity!

Day One Speaker Include: Uma Alexandra Beepat, Tammi Brochman, Sherry Hemstreet, Julia Busby, Teresa Lodato, Mary Allison Brown, Deise Clements

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