Carolyn Choate on How to Be Open to Finding Your True Calling at Any Age

Carolyn Choate on How to Be Open to Finding Your True Calling at Any Age

Welcome to The Determined Mom Show. I am your host, Amanda Tento. Today, I have the amazing Carolyn Choate, and she will be sharing with us how to find your purpose and calling at any age. So welcome, Carolyn. I am very excited to have you here, and I would love for you to share your story. 

I have my degree in creative writing, and I started realizing that marketing was like a fun puzzle to figure out; how to connect people who need something with those who have it and bring them together. 

So I started looking and realizing that people were struggling to understand concepts that just made sense to me. They fit in my brain, and I can look at a crazy messy business and say, I can see exactly the line that you should be creating from this thing to this thing to get leads or customers like it just clicks.

So once I realized that not everybody could do that, I started investing in finding clients and doing this. I looked up Google; how do you get started in digital marketing? And I found an article and just followed it step by step. I got my first job through a website called The Mom Project. 

An excellent job board because it’s focused on people that need to work from home. So like all employers, understand that you have a kid’s schedule to consider. So that was good. I’m still working with that client and did an internship through Acadian.

They do digital marketing, like apprenticeships, and connect you with businesses, and I did such good work that my apprenticeship hired me. Now, I’m just like so confident cause I was sure I knew this is what it means to love your job, to love your work.

Carolyn Choate on How to Be Open to Finding Your True Calling at Any Age

I would rather be doing this than anything. If I can’t sleep at three in the morning, I get up, and I do this work all day long. I forget to eat. I got to work on boundaries, but I love that to feel fulfilled for the first time in my life.

So I undervalued myself for so long. I was dabbling and freelancing, but it was always like, I’m on Fiverr. I’ll write you an email for 50 cents. Now I got to charge like a dollar, a word, or something. If you’re good at it, try learning to improve copywriting. That’s one of the things I’m practicing a lot.

Oh, that’s awesome. It’s amazing to be self-taught and come into that world and just say, yep, I can do this. I can help you make money at your business, which makes such a difference, having the right copy versus not having the right copy. It makes a world of difference. So what you’re doing is important, and I love it. Any hard advice for our listeners on, kind of persevering and finding that calling, if you will, 

It’s scary when you try something new, and you failed so many times before, so you have to have so much inner strength to keep on trying, but it’s worth it because when you do find the right thing, it is life-changing and I never thought that that was going to be me. So it’s such a beautiful surprise, and I have spent nights crying. So it’s best to find something truly passionate about that brings you joy.

Awesome. I love it. Thank you so much, Carolyn, for gracing us with your presence and sharing this amazing information with my listeners.

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