The 6 Emails You Need to Craft a Converting Welcome Email Sequence

The 6 Emails You Need to Craft a Converting Welcome Email Sequence with Amilia Stehman

Welcome to this episode of The Determined Mom Show. I have Amilia Stehman here and we’re going to be talking about the six emails you should have in your welcome sequence. Amilia calls her 6-part sequence F A B F L O (Fabulous Flow). 

Freebie (Lad Magnet)

So the first F stands for a freebie or Lead Magnet and that’s going to attract new subscribers to your list. That’s something that you’re giving value to and that’s what the first email is going to be. Never underestimate providing value first to your new list, as they will see you as a helpful expert or guide. 


So this one’s about you and about how you can help but don’t make it longer and the call to action should ask the businesses to reply to you about their needs. It’s important to invite people to interact with you; it’s not just you talking to them. This will also help your open rates and deliverability with your email marketing service provider and so many more things down the road.

Ever since I used this as a call to action in my second email, I’m getting even more and more replies. It’s like, you’re talking to a friend and that’s exactly what email marketing is all about. 

Blog (Information)

This stage is interchangeable with any kind of information that you can deliver to them, whether it’s a blog or a YouTube video, or a podcast episode or you’re even just providing information straight into the email, you want to show them what you know, without making it lengthy.

This helps to establish trust and shows that you’re an authority. because you “know your stuff”. So whether you’re giving them tips or you’re teaching them something, that’s what you want to include in that third email.


The fourth email would be the facts email. So this is where you share your business testimonials. So if you have testimonials, you want to use them here. So by facts, I mean that your testimonials will overcome objections, which will give them facts and a reason why they want to work with you.

You’re giving them the facts by giving them a testimonial. If you don’t have testimonials, there’s still a way to overcome objections by kind by treating it like a question format. So what are some questions that people may have about your service or business that you can then answer in that email? That’s another way of overcoming objections as well if you don’t have the testimonials as yet.


The fifth email would be called literature.  So literature again could be another source of information. You’re trying to give them even more tips, tricks, or facts that you can provide to them. Ideally, it is your content, or if you don’t have it at the moment, you can always outsource. 

If you’re creating a lot of content, you’re going to see what people like to hear from you, and then you’ll know what to include in that email sequence. So you can always change things out by knowing what they want here. 


Then finally, the last email of your welcome email is your offer. So it doesn’t need to be an actual sales offer. It’s not a sales sequence but it can be. However, if you want to keep it to a lower ticket item, it shouldn’t be a $1,500 course because people won’t typically pay that amount through email. That’s not what this email sequence is about because more than likely, a discovery call to get them on the phone with you, to get to know you, that’s really what that last email is about. 

So that wraps up the whole sequence: Freebie, About, Blog, Facts, Literature, and Offer. Amilia’s favorite email provider for starting and keeping costs to a minimum is MailerLite. So MailerLite is the only one as of right now that I found that allows you to create multiple automated sequences on a free version. A lot of them allow you to send out one email automatically for free. 

The 6 Emails You Need to Craft a Converting Welcome Email Sequence with Amilia Stehman

Amilia’s freebie is a seven-part welcome email sequence template that goes through all of these emails. Feel free to download that on her website at virtualamilia.com/guide. 

We should only put in one offer or focus entirely on one offer

When you are including your call to action in your email, you only want to have one call to action per email and ideally, three places where that call to action is kind of list: a button and a link. It’s all the same but three times within the email is ideal. More is great and less is okay. But one call to action per email is perfect. You don’t want to confuse people and send them too much stuff and have them click too many links.

What is your favorite email provider for newbies?

My favorite one for starting and keeping costs to a minimum or none is MailerLite. This is the only one as of right now that I found that allows you to send out one email automatically for free. Then when you try to add more emails to that sequence you need a paid plan. So MailerLite is the only one I found right now that allows you to do that so you can create the six email sequences and still be on their free plan.

As you need to change, your software is going to change too. In MailerLite you can stick with it also. MailerLite is the easiest one to use. I’ve worked with a lot of different coaches and entrepreneurs and a lot of them have used MailChimp. They have great marketing but their service and platform are not the easiest for people to understand and use. I do not recommend that but MailerLite is what I  do recommend.

I have three tiers, so to the next level. I use Flowdesk. It is a somewhat newer platform but it is so pretty. I know that is not the point of Email Marketing but it’s a very helpful point. But again their software is very easy to use and the cost is minimal if they do have a 50% off coupon that flips around and is very popular. 

If you are going to the Flowdesk group you can ask them there and someone will provide it for you for their 50% service for life. That one is great and easy to use they have they’re adding new features because they are a newer platform and they can be a little bit limited. So that’s why it’s kind of my in-between one.

Then as your list grows and bigger I would say over the thousand you know 1500 mark I’d like ActiveCampaign. This has a lot of different kinds of workflows Unsubscribe if you very easily from a certain sequence but still keep them on your list. Can opt into different sequences and it gets intricate. And this is what you need when your business starts to grow and get more intricate.

I currently use Aweber. I kind of think Aweber came out with the free plan last year and you can do more than one automation there. I think that I would have to double-check that. But the limitation is just on one amount of subscribers and they’re giving you these premium features for the free account. I’m not 100% sure but I’m pretty sure I love Aweber.

They have an RSS feed that you can just pop when you just refresh your RSS feed and it puts your latest podcast episode in there it’s super easy. That’s like one of my favorite features but this is extremely valuable information.

Where is the best place for people to find you online?

I’m sure that you have some sort of free or lead magnet or something that can help us right now of course.

My freebie is this exact thing. It’s a seven-part welcome email sequence template. It’s literally like an 18-page google doc that I created. It’s very intricate and it goes through all these emails. It gives you the template and kind of tells you where to fill it.

I know that filling in the blanks is not for everyone but even if it’s a great kind of springboard to start from. Even if you don’t like to use the template you’ll get your juices going and then you will be able to create your own which is exactly the point of a template.

Of course, feel free to download that on my website and the link to download it. Is it a virtualamilia.com/guide. On both Facebook and Instagram, I am more active on Instagram and which handles virtualamilia and my pages. I don’t have a group or anything on Facebook but I do have a Facebook Page and that of course Virtual Media.

If you have any questions, let us know! Reach out to us!

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