5 Tips for Using AI in Your Marketing

5 Tips for Using AI in Your Marketing

Welcome to episode 249 of The Determined Mom Show. I am your host, Amanda Tento. I am here to share with you five tips for using AI in your marketing. So I know there’s a lot of controversy about AI and they’re going to replace people and photographers and all of these things, but that’s not true.

There’s no AI bot that can come to a wedding. There’s no AI bot that can take your photos in person in real life and capture those memories, those moments. So there’s just nothing out there that’s going to do that. The other thing to remember is that there is no substitute for human editing, intervention context, or those types of things.

So even though AI is a great place to start, and we’ll talk about this in one of our tips, it is not the end of Anything, you shouldn’t just be pasting, copying whatever ChatGPT spits out, and posting it. Edit and we’ll talk about this now. I’m your host Amanda Tento and My voice is like this because I was intubated. So if you are looking for the story behind that, you can listen to episode number 243. That will give you all of the details. 

Is AI a great place to go for ideas?

If you’re sitting there and you’re blocked for an idea, like what should I post on social media, what should I do, any of the things that you can, a thousand things that you can use AI for, this is a great place for you to start. So just go ahead and put in a prompt and say, please, find six postal please develop Six social media posts that I should post on Instagram for XYZ audience about XYZ.

And you can also ask it to include hashtags. I’ve asked it to include stock photos from my stock photo library before, which is cool. Because it will go, I use Envato Elements, so it will go there, and pull a stock photo that’s relevant to that. 

We want to make sure that we’re editing. That’s number three on our list. But the second thing is I want you to always make sure that you’re viewing all of the content that you get from there as a draft. It is a place to go when you’re looking for an idea or trying to figure something out.

When you need a little extra help, it’s not somewhere that you go to rely on for everything. You still need to use your brain, your voice, your context. So that’s a very important part of it. So make sure that you’re using it for ideas, make sure that you are treating it as a draft only. And number three is making sure that you edit.

So a lot of what AI spits out, while it looks good, isn’t necessarily true, or it might be fluffy, or it might be just some of the facts might be off. The spelling is usually never wrong unless it’s spitting out something in British English or Something like Canadian English. I’ve had that happen before but just check everything.

Check the spelling, check the context, make sure you’re reading it, and make sure you’re putting in your voice. The edit is number three. Number four is you can use it to create some very cool social media posts, and I just talked about this, but you can ask it. You can go to chat and say, please write a post for LinkedIn about family law for professionals on LinkedIn that will attract their attention and engage them. And include a stock photo from Envato Elements. And then it will do all of those things, spit out some posts, and then you can go and edit them.

That’s a cool, easy, quick way to get things done. So you’re going to, again edit. Make sure that you’re not using it as your last draft. You’re going to make sure that it’s only a first draft. There are other ways that you can use ChatGPT or AI. There are a million different things, but most of them come through ChatGPT.

You can use them to find keywords. You can use them to develop posts. You can use them to develop blog posts. You can create polls with them, so You can ask it to create a poll for you for LinkedIn and then also create some options for you for that poll. Then you can also use it to draft emails. You can draft website content and pretty much anything else that you write in marketing.

You can use AI for it, which is great. Again, I’m gonna stress it’s only for ideas. It’s only your first draft and you need to edit everything that comes out of it. It is not going to replace you. It’s not going to replace me. It is a really easy way to get ideas and content flowing and those kinds of things.

Just treat it as that. But, these are amazing ways you can easily use AI in your marketing and give yourself a little boost in time, a boost in content. Maybe you haven’t thought of this, but it’s a great way to get started. I feel like AI is a jumping-off point for us now, and that’s how we should view it.

Not as a final destination, but as a jumping-off point. If you have any questions about this episode, please email me at amanda@tdm-marketing.com or amanda @tdm/marketing.com. Thank you and have a great week.


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