Make 2020 the Best Year Ever

Make 2020 the Best Year Ever

Welcome to episode 27 of The Determined Mom Show. I am your host, Amanda Tento. Today, I will talk to you about goal setting and what you need to do to set yourself up to achieve all of your goals. We will talk about some in-depth things you need to do to get things done and make any year your best year in business ever. 

I want to start by deciding on your method of planning. So this is probably one of my favorite topics because I am a planner and plan things months ahead. I plan all the time, and I do this using several methods. Right now, I’m using the Law of Attraction planner, and I also use the 90X Planner, which is a 90-day planner. It gives you five actions to take every day toward your goals.

Then it also has at the end of every week, making sure it’s almost like a check-in where you rewrite your goals for the next 20 days and rewrite the actions that you need to take towards those goals, and then it has a weekly plan at the beginning of each week. So that way, you can get a little snapshot of your week.

I also use Google Calendar, and I color code it. All my family things are in orange, any meetings I need to go to, or anything like that is in red, and anything podcasts related is in purple. So there’s just a lot of different things that I like to color code, so then that way, I can see at a glance what I need to do and what it is related to.

Just take a couple of hours for yourself, think about your goals and what you want to happen this year, and sit down and go through this. You can print the worksheet I include with this particular podcast episode. The reason is that it’s very important to be able to write down everything I’m talking about and plan it all out. So once you complete that this session, you’re going to sit down with your planner or your calendar or tracker, and you’re going to put in there an hour for review every month and then maybe two hours for review every quarter.

So let’s say at the end of March, you’ll put in a couple of hours of planning, but I want you to do that at the beginning of the year, and I want you to make that non-negotiable. So to achieve those goals, you need to review to see where you are. See how far you’ve come and see what needs to change to get you to meet those goals. So once you decide what type of tracker you will use and you’ve already scheduled your review sessions with yourself or your team, you can reflect and understand what you need to do.

Are you going to focus on growth and expansion? Maybe you will focus on how your health affects your business and how you want to improve that and make yourself feel better every day. So then, that way, you show up differently in your business. I know that’s one of my goals, making sure you’re more efficient so we can spend more time with family. Maybe you want to work on it instead of working 40 hours weekly.

Maybe you want to drop it to 30 hours in the first quarter and then 20 hours in the second quarter. Those are great goals; you need to determine which will be your focus. Maybe you want more income to reach your goal even sooner, or maybe you have a deadline or some income goal that you’re setting.

Your mental and physical health is paramount to being a successful business owner, and having the mental and physical capacity to overcome many of the challenges that we face as business owners, as moms, typically means that ‘mom can’t get sick.’ So being healthy and eating good, nutritious food, that kind of things are going to help you to Excel and accelerate in the upcoming year. I’m saying this from a personal point of view because I think that will be my focus for this year. After all, I want to be as healthy as I can.

So if you have that same challenge, that could be a good option. I also want to encourage you to set a goal that may be tied to your business but it’s outside your business. Let’s say there’s a side project that you want to accomplish or something like that. Just set a goal to get started. This is the year that you’re going to make your business Boom! You’re going to grow your network, and your connections, and you’re going to end up growing your bottom line by doing all of these things. I am so excited about this, and I hope you all enjoy your week.

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