2021 Google Search Updates: What You Need To Know and How To Tell If You Are Effected

2021 Google Search Updates What You Need To Know and How To Tell If You Are Effected

Welcome to The Determined Mom Show. Welcome to episode number 113 of the Determined Mom Show. I’m glad you’re joining me today because this is an important episode.

Going to be talking about the 2021 Google search updates, what you need to know, and how to tell if you’re affected, probably multiple times a day, more than a thousand times each year. Google updates just like your phone; your computer needs to be updated. Google search engines need to be updated, so they will edit how they do searches. 

They will edit relevance, they will edit different technical aspects, and there is a large update that happened July 1st, and it probably took about a couple of weeks to roll out, so it should be completed by now.

I am recording this on July 19th, so it should be all finished. What you can do to check, let’s talk about that first if your website was negatively impacted, you should be monitoring your SEO ranking. No matter what, you should know where your website stands, what keywords you’re ranking for, and all those things.

So you’re going to use a website. The most inexpensive SEO monitoring website will be uber suggest.com, and I’m going to put this in the show notes, but this website is probably less than $20 a month for a subscription. And you can monitor your websites to see where you need to work, what you need to work on, what things are out of date, what things are, you know, need to be updated, and what things are negatively affecting you.

And you can also check your keyword rankings. And this is where the update could affect you. So if you have a ranking, I will make something up. Let’s say you are a doula, and you’re ranking number. In your city, what’s going to happen is if the update negatively impacts you, then you are going to start sliding down those rankings, and you’re not going to be number one anymore.

Things you can do to counter that are to make sure you’re using long-tail keywords and what a long-tail keyword is. Let’s say you are a doula in Portland, Oregon. So you’re a doula in Portland, and you have fallen in. Well, most likely, that’s because you have very simple language on your website. So this update gives Google even more understanding of how we search for things, how people process information, and their intent.

So it’s like the Bert update, but. This is more about intent and Google’s processing of how we type things. You should go back and update your website and ensure you include long, pale keywords like Portland, Oregon, postpartum doula, and maybe you want a B I P O C Bipo doula.

That would be one search. So you’re telling it a whole bunch of different things. You want a doula; you want a postpartum doula. You want someone that is black, indigenous or a person of color, and you want someone in that postpartum doula area. You’re telling Google four different things. Statement in that search and what Google is trying to do is give you the most relevant results within seconds as soon as possible.

This is a really important update and will help you rank if you are using long-tail keywords and telling Google things that you want to be ranking for this update. It is called the MUM update, which is the Multitask Unified Model technology. An example of this is its power: it enabled Google to find more than 800 variations of vaccine names in over 50 languages in a matter of seconds.

This kind of search would have taken Google. It took weeks, but now they have updated the technology. So then that way, it’s combining all of this data, and it’s able to search across many languages, connect that data, and find the most relevant results—so very important update. Don’t be scared.

First of all, this Google update will be a good thing for you, and if you slip in the rankings a little bit, don’t worry about it. Just go ahead and start tweaking your website, adding those more relevant keyword searches in postpartum doula Portland, B I P O C, and then all those things are on your website.

You’re telling Google that these are the things that I want people to find me for. So I hope that helps you, and if you have any questions, you can email me@amandatdmmarketing.com. I hope you have a great week. 

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