Four legitimate ways to work from home

#workfromhome #real #work #from #home #legitimate #job #employmentI want to share with you four legitimate ways to work from home! In May of 2017, I started this blog with the hope of making a ton of money from it (like all of the other bloggers claim is so easy to do) so I could stay home with my baby when I had her.  Flash forward to the end of July, the baby is born, I go on Maternity leave and do nothing with my blog for two months!  Wait!? That’s not what I planned! The good news is that I am doubtful that even if I hadn’t taken a break from blogging, I still wouldn’t have made any money from it.

This site is named The Determined Mom for one reason and that is that I do not give up.  The only reason I would give up is if I wanted to go back to my Credit Union job working a random schedule from 9:30 to 7:30 five days a week.  I couldn’t go to school events, get my kids off the bus, help them with homework, take them to after-school activities, and it was keeping my husband from fulfilling his need to work outside the house.  That was not going to be an option.

Insurance Industry

#workfromhome #real #work #from #home #legitimate #job #employmentAfter doing much research I found Health and Life Insurance.  It is nothing new, just new to me!  I am already a licensed Personal Lines agent, so it wasn’t a far stretch for me to learn these two types of insurance.  I originally found a company called Symmetry Financial Group, they do mainly Life insurance and in-home appointments.  This takes you out of the house, ideally, two days per week and making appointments the other three days.  You do have to purchase your leads as well.  If you are interested, reach out to Adriana at This was intriguing, but not the best solution for me.  I wanted to work 100% from home with no external appointments so I did not have to leave my baby! I found IdealConcepts on Indeed and applied right away.  I went through a fairly lengthy interview process where they definitely try to scare you away.  You also have to prove your sales skills and your ability to overcome objections.  It cost quite a bit to get started and set up with all of the licensing fees and I needed a new PC to be up to minimum compliance. This particular job takes thick skin (to handle people yelling at you), money up front, and patience (it is 100% commission based and you will only get paid only after the policy is issued).  I have been doing this for a month now and have been semi-successful with it, considering I am completely green.

Virtual Assistant

#workfromhome #real #work #from #home #legitimate #job #employmentWhile on the phones all day trying to sell Health Insurance, I have some downtime between calls. Because I never give up, I am always searching for something.  I have come to accept that it is just my personality to always be striving for better and more.  I came across a webinar from Abbey Ashley on how to start your Virtual Assistant business.  For a free webinar, it was very informative, offered all of the advice I needed to pull the trigger and get started.  I already have a huge skillset from my last three professional positions to fill that basket, I just needed more of the “How to get clients” and “What software to use for CRM, Bookkeeping, and Invoicing”.  All of which I found and I will share in an upcoming blog post. Abbey had plenty of free material on her site and you can also pay for her master course if you want to pay for it.  I chose to wing it and do it all myself.  Either way, please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about starting your own Virtual Assistant Business. Here is my Virtual Assistant Business Page.

Secret Shopping

#workfromhome #real #work #from #home #legitimate #job #employmentAnother thing I have had plenty of time to discover this last month is secret shopping.  I have been a member of BestMark for years.  I had just never completed an assignment until recently.  I cannot tell you what it was or where, but it was pretty easy.  They do have very strict deadlines, so be sure to get your shop completed and your survey and receipts submitted ASAP.  I made $20 for going to a store I was already going to go to, so YAY!  I received my first check already and enjoyed the whole process!  A bonus to this is if you have a certain kind of car, especially Chevy models (including all GM vehicles) you can get your services and oil changes for free and get paid on top of them.  There are always Automotive shops.

The other company, Field Agent, is a mobile app and will give you various jobs in your area.  Many of them are taking photos of things, some are actual secret shopper jobs.  I also recently completed one of these and it was something I already do weekly, so I got paid to do something I normally do.  SCORE!

Website Testing

#workfromhome #real #work #from #home #legitimate #job #employmentThere are two sites I am using to do these tests.  They are UserTesting and WhatUsersDo. I have been pretty successful on UserTesting so far, earning about $40 this month.  I am looking forward to being more active on WhatUsersDo as well.

The bottom line is that if you want to work from home, there are definitely jobs out there and small things you can do on the side for gas money.  Sometimes they may be inconvenient, but it can really add up if you stay consistent.  Please reach out to me if you have any questions at

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