The TOP 10 Handmade and Unique Father’s Day gifts for 2017

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Father’s Day

This year Father’s day is on Sunday, June 18th.  Typically we don’t do too much because my husband is not one for a lot of fanfare (yes even on his birthday AND Father’s Day).  But, he is so good to our family, always running, always doing, always keeping the house going.  He deserves some damn cool gifts this year!  In my hunt for some cool things for him, I found some very unique and special gifts that I want to share with my Determined Moms! I can’t wait to get started on them with our girls so they are all ready!  So, here is a list of The TOP 10 Handmade and Unique Father’s Day gifts for 2017!

Top 5 Handmade Father’s Day gifts for 2017

    1. Salt Dough Key Chain- Kids love play dough, but that stinky stuff is crumbly and would just make a mess, not a memory.  The simple solution is homemade Salt Dough.  This is a must do for my husband, who loves useful items the kids make him. Click on photo for a complete tutorial.#salt #dough #recipe #fathersday #2017 #fathers #day #homemade #handmade #keychain
    2. Painted “Dad Rocks” Rocks-In our family, rocks, and gems are a huge thriller!  We love looking for uniquely shaped rocks and here in Washington state, the gorgeous agates and jaspers are everywhere. Kids love painting and this would be a great addition to any garden or even garage display! Click on photo for complete tutorial.#dadrocks #dad #rocks #fathers #day #2017 #GIFTS #handmade #homemade #kids #paint3. Folding wooden stick cards- Skip the expensive greeting cards and make these instead!  Dad can hang it up in his office or at home to remember all of the reasons why the kids love him!  I would suggest making only one, be sure to put the year on it and use a different color stick for the things each child says.  That way it adds even more to the meaning of the gift!  Click on the photo for a tutorial. #gift #handmade #homemade #fathers #day #fathersday #sitcks #card #craft4. Finger Painted Canvas- This project is great for any age, even our little ones who can’t yet tell us what they love about dad! I love the bright colors that they chose for the tutorial.  The kids will love the mess and dads will love the end result-something you can hang on the wall! Click on the photo for the tutorial.#fathersday #fathers #day #daddy @homemade #handmade #gift #paint #canvas #diy5. Lottery ticket basket- These teeters on the edge of homemade and store bought, but I know my husband will love it!  There is nothing more exciting than scratching those tickets!  Sure to give Dad a thrill or two!  #fathersday #fathers #day #gift #basket #lotto #lottery

Top 5 Unique Father’s Day gifts for 2017

  1. The Beard Bib- This thing does not only make for hilarious photo ops, but it is incredibly useful! I can imagine the time and mess that it will save bearded Dads and Grandpas alike! This is my choice for funniest and most functional Father’s Day gift! Click on photo for link.

2. Motion Activated Toilet Light- Maybe this will make their midnight aim a little better?  Who knows.  But, it looks like a bright idea and it may just make cleaning the bathroom a little easier! Click on photo for link.

3. Mobile phone car mount- This is an awesome super inexpensive gift.  It is magnetic and sticks to the back of the phone and the dashboard to make it easy to see the phone, but also easy to remove. Click on photo for link.

4. Semi-Levitating Portable Bluetooth Speaker- This gadget looks great and it is portable, take it from the backyard to the garage to the soccer field.  Dad is sure to love this Father’s Day gift! Click on photo for link.

5. Char-Broil Gas BBQ Grill- This is what my husband really wants for his Father’s Day gift! It will also be what he is getting (shhh don’t tell him).  I love the warming rack, extra side burner, and all of the room for grilling! Don’t forget the cover to protect the grill! Click on photo for link.


No matter what gifts you get your Dad or Husband this Father’s day-just be sure to show him how much he is appreciated.  Our house would not be a home without my husband!  I hope you all have an amazing Father’s Day!


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The TOP 10 Handmade and Unique Father's Day gifts for 2017
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The TOP 10 Handmade and Unique Father's Day gifts for 2017
Father's Day gifts both handmade and purchased are featured in the article. A comprehensive list of gifts from all age groups of children.
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    • Amanda Tento

      The beard bib was the funniest thing I have seen, but at the same time so practical! I love it!

  1. Shannon Patterson

    I love handmade gifts! Gifts from the heart are always better! This is a great list of ideas!

  2. Marceline Dementori

    Those are lovely gift ideas for fathers this coming Father’s Day! I like that pendant, you can’t get more personal and sentimental than that!

  3. I just laughed out loud at the motion activated toilet light! I do love the popsicle stick chart, and the thumbprint charms! Those may have just saved my gift buying anxiety!

  4. Olujorby Chemqueen

    I love those gift ideas for father’s day. The motion activated toilet really got my attention. *winks*

  5. Ciel T. Raymundo

    Omg! I almost forgot it’s almost father’s day. Good thing I came across your article. Those are great father’s day gift ideas. But the motion activated toilet light has got to be the best one, I think. ^_^

  6. Cindy Nicoletti

    Great gift ideas for Father’s Day. I am sure many fathers would love many of those gifts.

  7. Ashlea

    I still have not got my husband his father’s day gift nor my dad one. I really am behind this year. I know what I am making them though with help of my 1 year old of course.

  8. Aziel Morte

    These are all looks a great gift ideas for father’s day and I bet my husband would love these all

  9. Jennifer Piper

    My husband also likes to keep things low key on Father’s day, but he LOVES all homemade gifts. I had not thought of painted rocks, but that is a perfect gift for him 🙂

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