Do this one thing to put the spark back into your Marriage

There is one simple way to put the spark back into your marriage.

“Seriously?  Just one thing?” you ask.  I know what you are thinking…counseling?  a personal chef? a vacation? how about a year of bills paid? Nope.  It is much simpler than that, and I have tried most of the above except for the bills paid for a year (email me if you are offering to pay mine), so I know they don’t all work well.

#lightthematch spark marriage husband wife intimacy

Before we get into exactly what it is, let’s talk about what it isn’t.

It isn’t a magic trick. This is a simple daily habit, but it does require you to make some extra time in your day and some effort.  It may also require a simple shift in mindset as well, depending on your situation.

#lightthematch spark marriage husband wife intimacy It isn’t a “get happy quick” scheme. We have all heard of “get rich quick schemes” and this is not related to that.  Every marriage and every aspect of marriage requires a bit of hard work and dedication from both sides.

It isn’t for everyone. Maybe you are happy with how things are in your marriage or relationship and you have no desire to get more intimate with your spouse.  First thing I want to say to you is congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And then…this may not be for you!

It isn’t what you think it is… This is something so simple literally any woman can do it.  If you do it daily, you will improve not only your self-confidence but the way you spouse sees your confidence level too.  This has nothing to do with how much you weigh or how you look in a bathing suit.  This is a simple tool that I have personally used to boost my self-esteem and enhance my marriage.


Maybe, just maybe you already do this.  I can see single women doing this way more often than married moms!  We tend to neglect the self-care that is OH so important in our daily routines.  We moms need to wake up and realize that we still have it!  What is the “it” that we still have?  The ability to feel sexy and the ability to share that feeling with our spouse.

By wearing matching sexy bras and panties you will FEEL sexy. All. day. long. Seriously. That’s it. Think about it, you look at a Victoria’s secret catalog and drool.  But, the main thing that makes those bras so appealing is the matching undies! Those women, no matter what shape and size look sexy. That is because they feel sexy. And feeling sexy will mean you think of sex a bit more. Not in a perverted way, just in a way that makes you wonder if your hubby would like your matching undies…. simple right?

We are all moms here, AND busy, overworked, stressed, not to mention tired. But you and I (and our spouses) deserve to have a few moments of pleasure every day.  I would never tell you to try something that I haven’t tested myself. It works. Try it for one week. Let me know what happens. I challenge you to light the match that brings the spark back to your relationship!

Use this hashtag and see what other women are saying. #lightthematch 

#lightthematch spark marriage husband wife intimacy





  1. Princy K Khurana

    i so agree to ur point. the self care is so important for every woman. i have seen so many women let go of themselves after kids. so imp for marriage also, where husband still feels his wife to be sexy and wants her.

  2. Kristyn Caasi Medriano

    A woman’s self care is very important and helps boosts her own confidence as well. Great tip on how to spice things up.

  3. Susan Minich

    I’m laughing…. I did buy some really nice bras at the Nordstorm sale, but I hadn’t bought new bras in 5 years! HAHAHA.

  4. Tatiane McGee

    I totally agree! Although I am not a mom yet, I have experienced that kind of neglect as a wife as well. Life is so busy and often I catch myself not caring for stuff I actually should be paying more attention to. My husband tho, is great reminding me about that lol. He pulls me back on track mostly because he knows I love feeling beautiful and sexy 🙂

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