7 Habits of Successful Moms

#mom #success #determined #successful #habits #prayer #meditation #exercise #planning #goalsWhat does success mean for you?

First, let’s recognize that every mom in the world has a different version of what success actually is.  We are all so different and have so many different elements to our lives that there is no one version that is right for everyone.  Keeping that in mind, I have created a pretty comprehensive list of 7 habits that will keep any and all moms on the path towards success!  Enjoy and let me know in the comments what YOUR version is!

  1. They get up early (or stay up late) This first one depends entirely on how your body functions best.  Everyone has a different internal clock that makes things easier at a certain time of day.  When everyone else is sleeping, there is such peace in the house.  No noise, no demands, no one to get ready, no one to feed….yet.  This time is the ideal time for you to take* the time to focus on the steps you need to get to your “success”. Sign up to receive the FREE 15 30 15 plan, it’s a quick way to jump-start your morning routine. #success #planning #exercise #meditation

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  2. They take time to pray or meditate     No matter what your religion, the importance of spending time in reflection cannot be underestimated.  Prayer, meditation, or just sitting and reflecting on what you are grateful for will go a long way towards changing your day into a positive, mindful and directed experience. #prayer #meditation #moms #success #motivation #habits #howtobesuccessful
  3. They exercise daily Just 30 minutes of exercise will give you such a huge mental boost!  There is nothing quite like natural endorphins flowing through your body to your brain to get you to focus on your goals.  Every time I exercise, I also get more energy (even at 8 months pregnant) and it starts my day off on such a positive note.  Knowing that I did something healthy for myself that early in the day is also a huge confidence booster!#exercise #health #mind #body #moms #success #motivation
  4. They take time to plan Without a plan, we are literally just fumbling through our days.  Successful moms, no matter what their occupation, will make lists, plan, schedule appointments, and set goals for each day. I use this planner to set daily goals, to do lists, as well as monthly and quarterly goals.   It is filled with motivation and gives you direction as well!  I love it! You can even choose your cover and choose from hard or softcover.
  5. They set goals It doesn’t matter what kind of goal you set.  It could be as simple as having a clean house every Sunday.  No matter what it is, SET THOSE GOALS!  Zig Ziglar once said, “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.” We as Determined Moms have HUGE goals.  We know what we want our lives to be like.  Most of us even know what steps it will take to get there, we just need to write them down! #goals #planning #moms #success #motivation #achieve
  6. They prioritize Busy moms have more than their fair share of chores, responsibilities, and duties at work and home, not to mention people to take care of!  We always need to put the most important things at the top.  My order is 1. Family 2. Food 3. Cleaning 4. Work.  Occasionally, I allow Cleaning and work to get mixed up depending on if I am trying to finish a project or a class or paper for school.  But, if we don’t establish these priorities, it can be easy for us to just do any old thing that comes up!
  7. They take time to connect with friends This is the one I struggle with the most! Every moment of each of my days is packed full of things I need to get done.  From getting the kids ready for school to laundry and cooking!  I try my best to reach out once a month at a minimum to a local friend and get together and let our kids play so we can have some adult time!  I am positive that I have let more time pass than I should from time to time and I can tell! We need to be sure we are taking the time to speak to other adults, and not just about the kids!  Plans, goals, and aspirations make great conversation too!#moms #success #motivation #friends #playdate


  1. Tiffany Meiter

    Love this, I really try to focus on a lot of these items in my daily life as well. I pick my top 3 things I need to do for the day and try and do them first before I get distracted or caught up in the day to day. It really helps me feel like I accomplished at least something important.

    • Amanda Tento

      I like the idea of doing your top 3 first! It makes complete sense. I always tend to get distracted, hence the abundance of planning and writing to do lists! 🙂

  2. I do all of these things but I think its more important for stay at home moms especially. I use to lay around all day for months with my oldest.

    • Amanda Tento

      I can imagine it would be hard to establish and stick to a routine. How did you finally get it down?

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