In Episode 51, I am helping you to maximize your personal Facebook profile and build a huge network of ideal clients.  Don’t worry about them seeing your private info.  You can control what they see and how they see it!  This episode is not one you will want to miss!

You can check out my Facebook Profile here to see an example.


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How to Optimize Your Facebook Profile

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Welcome to The Determined Mom Show. The only marketing podcast dedicated to guiding moms CEOs into tranquility wealth and multiplying those precious moments. Hello, determined moms. Today I’m going to talk to you about optimizing your Facebook profile in order to maximize the reach of your business. Now, we all know that using your Facebook personal Facebook page is not acceptable for your business. However, there is some gray area in there where they intermingle, and I want to show that to you. 


Optimize your Facebook Profile


To get started, one of the most important things that you can do is have a call to action in your cover photo. So you want to have an attractive cover photo with your logo, and then also you want to be attracting people to join whatever your latest challenges or whatever your lead magnet is. You want to have that in your cover photo, because that’s gonna let people know that you’re a serious business owner and you take your business seriously and you are looking to grow. 


Make sure that you fill out your intro. For example, mine says specializing in Google My Business Management, host of The Determined Mom Show and Business Moms Summit. I have also hosted the Business Moms Summit, Marketing Implementation Coach at The Determined Mom, Marketing Instructor at Online Marketing for Moms, Executive Producer and Host at The Determined Mom Show, Search Engine Optimizer at The Determined Mom and Google My Business Manager at The Determined Mom. So why is it important to have all of these different jobs listed? The reason is because if someone is browsing your profile, they can see what you’re skilled at.

Fill out the intro that you must have is all of your social media connections and all of your websites, everything should be on this little section and it will display things like the Instagram icon, the LinkedIn icon, the YouTube icon etc.

The main point is that potential clients browsing through Facebook can see what your specialty is. They can immediately assess if they want to be friends with you or not and it just makes things a lot easier. 

How to Optimize Your Facebook Profile for Your Business

Add your Potential Clients as ‘Friends’

Another thing you’re going to want to do is add some friends and we’ll talk about how you can actually segment those friends into different categories and different groups. You can do so based on what you are aiming for, as far as your marketing goes in terms of networking and also putting potential leads into a specific funnel. 


Use Facebook Featured Image to Promote


You’re going to want to change the featured image of your Facebook page. To an offer or Lead Magnet for e.g. mine says, Google My Business Free Webinar. When a potential client clicks on that image, people can actually go to my webinar to the summit and take that course. So I actually put all of that information, including the link in the description of the picture. You should modify your cover photo like that as well. So you want to say click here on your cover photo. When people click it, it should bring up the link to your challenge or your freebie etc.


Making these changes is going to allow potential clients to make an educated decision as to whether or not they want to add you as a friend. Now, my technique for doing this is to create Friends Lists, and this is really important. So you can easily share personal family things with just your family. You can also share only business related things with the people that you’ve designated in that business category. 


Auto Tag Potential Clients


Now, let’s say you want to add a potential client as a social media friend and organize them properly into your pre-created list. Follow these steps:


  1. I’m going to click on find friends and find someone that I want to be friends with. It says “people that I may know”.
  2. I’m going to click add friend. 
  3. Then I’m going to hover over friend requests sent
  4. Click add to another list. 
  5. Then select the new list that you created. 
  6. Now, when they  accept,they will automatically go into that list. 


Keep Private Life and business Separate


You’ll also want to change the privacy of some of your posts to make sure that potential clients don’t see anything unwanted, especially If you’re going to open your Facebook profile up to business acquaintances. Another option is to create a separate Facebook profile in order to connect with people for business purposes only. By using this method, you can segment your list just like an email list.


You can center your posts around pain points for your potential clients and how you can solve them and this will start conversations with those people. So I highly encourage you to start using your Facebook profile to try to prospect and make connections. Get to know people, comment on their pictures, add friends and use the techniques that I’ve highlighted here, in order to make your Facebook profile work for your business.


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