In Episode 20, Tammi Brochman shares her expertise as a Dietician and mother of four!  She helps us figure out how to make the most nutritious meals and still be able to focus the same amount of time on our businesses!  This is music to my ears! This episode is packed with so much value and so many tips to keep you and your family on track to eat healthy meals without sacrificing time!

Tammi is a Dietitian who helps busy moms of kids with ADHD approach each day with hope, anticipation, and gratitude for the opportunity to live a life full of all the blessings ADHD and Autism brings. She uses nutrition, wellness, and mindset approaches to help them clarify their direction and plan, build confidence in their ability to handle challenges, and embrace the uniqueness that is their life with Autism and ADHD. Before starting her entrepreneurial journey, Tammi worked as a hospital and long term care  Dietitian for 20 years. After her son was diagnosed with both Autism and ADHD in 2011, she was called to leave full-time work outside the home to be fully present and ensure her son’s journey was a successful one. Tammi enjoys camping and reading. She is available for coaching and menu planning help. You can reach her through her website at www.cleaneatingdietitian.com.

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