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In this Fifth episode of the seven-episode Google My Business Series, I talk about ways you can get more reviews from your customers. Reviews have become even more important than ever since Google now pulls keywords from the reviews and review response text to help display the most relevant listings. The more reviews=the more chances to reply to them=the doubling the keywords you can rank for! I love this kind of math!

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0 (2s): Welcome to the determined mom show the only marketing podcast dedicated to guiding moms CEOs and to tranquility well and multiplying those precious moments. Welcome to episode 141 of the determined mom show. I am your host, Amanda Tento. And today we are on episode five of the Google, my business series. And we’re going to talk about how to get more reviews. Now, there are basically two categories of business on Google. So you have your location-based businesses, which would be like car dealers, salons, massage therapy, places, chiropractors, electric stores.

0 (45s): I can’t think of all of that. There’s so many options here. And then you also have service-based businesses, which might be plumbers, but they could also have a location-based business. It might be a locksmith, but they could also have a location-based business. So there’s a gray area in there where maybe they do, maybe they have a service area. And then there are other businesses that really only deal with people, either from their home or just online, those kinds of things. So those types of businesses are service area businesses. Maybe they don’t accept people coming to their office. Like I don’t accept people coming to my office, but I will have a meeting with someone at a coffee shop.

0 (1m 25s): I will meet someone at a co-working space and have a meeting there that is the kind of business that is called a service-based business. How can all of these different types of businesses get more reviews? Let’s start with a service-based business in your business. You may have some sort of CRM or up system or email system. Every time you send an email, you want to have a link to your Google review page. And I don’t mean just your Google, my business listing. If you go on to your home. So if you log into Google my business and go to home, and then you scroll down, you’re going to see like a little person.

0 (2m 7s): That’s kind of like looking up at the sky. That is where you can get your review link. It will say, get your review link. So you’re going to click that, copy that link, because that is what’s going to get your people to go directly to your review link and start typing. All they have to do is click that link and start typing. So there’s no friction in there. They’re not going to go to your listing and then have to figure out where the reviews are because sometimes it’s hard for people to find, and then they’re going to click on it. And then they’re going to click on, write a review. Now this actually takes them into the compose a review section. So this is really important for every type of business, but it’s also really important that you have that link, maybe on your website, maybe on your Facebook page, maybe on your invoices, wherever you interact with your clients.

0 (2m 60s): It’s important to do that. Another great way to get more reviews is to have a follow-up system. So this system will allow you to, after your customer leaves or after your businesses completed with them, it’s going to allow them to get an email from you. And it will give them the real link, the link to leave a review. That is a really, really important strategy that we’re going to talk a little bit more about that in episode six of the series, but it’s really an easy, easy way for you to go ahead and generate reviews. If you’re not asking, just like we talked about on, I think episode two or three of this series, if you’re not asking like Amazon sends an email for every single product that you buy, if you’re not asking, you’re not going to get that review people, don’t just go out of their way.

0 (3m 51s): Usually, unless they’re really, really happy or most of the time, if they’re really, really mad about whatever happened. So you want to make sure that you’re giving the great services that you’ve had great experiences. You want to make sure that you’re giving them the opportunity to leave a review. And the more you ask, the more reviews you will get. Another tactic for location-based businesses is QR codes. I know QR codes are kind of like so 2000 tens, but they’re very important. And you can actually have that same review link opening up on your client’s phone while they’re standing there waiting for you to book an appointment while they’re waiting in the waiting room, while they’re waiting for you to come into the room while they’re getting their oil changed.

0 (4m 38s): If you have those posted everywhere, they have so many different opportunities to leave you a review. If you ask, they will do it. If you don’t ask and you don’t make it easy, then they’re not going to do it. I was actually in our daughter’s dentist office a few days ago, and I did see that they had a QR code now because it was like in a weird spot. It was like in the middle of the wall. Like not anywhere that anybody would ever walk, I did not do it because then everybody would be like, what is he doing? You know, why is she over there standing, but a great place to have it is on your front desk, you know, in the actual offices while you’re waiting beside the chairs, heck you could even put it on the chairs if you want to just tape it on the chair.

0 (5m 28s): So then that way people, when they sit down, you know, they can leave a review, but placement is very important in that, in that area as well with those QR codes. So just ask for the reviews. That’s what I’m going to tell you. That’s how you can get more reviews. Make sure you’re asking. You can send text message, follow ups. You can send email follow-ups. You can use your QR codes. You can post it on your website. You can send it the, I don’t know, Facebook messenger, all of these different things are ways that you can get more reviews. The more reviews you have, the more trusted your business will be. The more Google will trust your business and the more your potential clients are going to choose you over your competition.

0 (6m 17s): Super-duper important. All right, so we are going to talk about next week. How reviewed generation software works. Talk to you soon. Don’t forget to join our Facebook group, mastering Google my business to increase your revenue. You can go to facebook.com forward slash groups forward slash learn GMB, and you will be able to network with other business owners and learn all about the latest and greatest updates to Google my business. See you there.

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