Six reasons to skip Summer camp this year

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I know what you’re thinking.  Summer camp is mandatory right?  What else am I going to do with them? They need to be active and involved.  While much of this is true, the main truth is kids don’t need a lot to keep them busy or happy.  In fact, we need to let them spend more time being kids and less time busy with activities.  This is why I am happy to share with you our plans for our girls this summer and how you can find similar options.

  1. KiwiCo- This is an amazing company that will ship you a monthly box with an activity for your kids to build and play with.  This is a great alternative to a costly summer camp!  Our third Kiwi Crate has just shipped and I am not sure who is more excited-me or the girls!  These monthly boxes feature age appropriate projects that will allow your kids to enjoy creating and them playing with an amazing high quality toy.  The age ranges are below:
    • Cricket-Ages 0-2
    • Koala-Ages 3-4
    • Kiwi-Ages 5-8
    • Doodle-Ages 9-16+
    • Tinker-Ages 9-16+
  2. Your Local Parks & Recreation Dept- In the town we live in, there is an amazing parks and Rec program. We have signed our girls up for a karate class that meets twice a week for 30 minutes.  It is a six week program and the cost is only $35 per child!  They have been begging to take Karate and this is a great, inexpensive introduction for them.Summer Camp, Alternatives, no, Karate, classes, parks & recreation, summer fun, vacation, break
  3. The Library- This was literally my favorite place as a kid.  I would have rather gone to the library instead of the park! Virtually all libraries have Summer reading programs, many of them tied to your local school district.  The kids can earn prizes, stay at grade level or excel during the Summer, and have fun! The bonus for me is reading gives them a calm quiet activity!  (Mental relief for us Determined (aka always working on something) Moms!reading, summer, library, kids, summer camp, alternative, smart, school
  4. Playing outside- I bet you thought this wasn’t going to be on here.  Yet, here it is!  Kids need time to run, play, dig in the dirt, use their imaginations and get creative.  I would say this one should take up the biggest chunk of time!  We just built a sandbox for our girls this week and they will not stay out of it!  As I type this, it is 8:30 AM, our oldest has already gotten up, brushed her teeth and is playing in the sandbox.summer camp, alternatives, summer, fun, outdoors, outside, play, playing, fun, sandbox, sand,
  5. Swimming or splashing in a pool- whether it’s a tiny pool in your yard, the neighbors pool, the local YMCA, or a community pool, it’s always a great option for Summer fun!  Our neighborhood has a pool for the residents and it has already been an amazing blessing this year.  We have only been there a few times so far, but it is really helping the girls with their confidence around other kids and in their swimming skills.  It has also given them some huge helpings of having fun with their friends!summer camp, alternative, summer, fun, pool, swimming, kids, vacation,
  6. Outdoor Movies- Many communities feature Summer movies and concert series.  These are usually late evenings and they show them on a huge wall or screen.  Bring popcorn, blankets and chairs and you are all set for a night of family fun!  This is great for those days when you have had too much and just need some relaxing down time.summer camp, alternative, outdoor, movies, movie, cinema, fun, park, watch, popcorn, snacks, summer,

There is nothing wrong with sending your kids to Summer camp.  I just want parents to be aware that there are plenty of other fun alternatives to them!  Many of them are FREE or cheap!  I would rather have extra money to treat the girls to something special on a whim and allow them to be kids and enjoy their Summer!

Check out this post for a printable list of 30 fun things to do with your kids!

Whatever you decide and plan for your Summer-I hope it is a blast!

-Amanda, The Determined Mom

Six reasons to skip Summer camp this year
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