TheDeterminedMomEver since I was a child, I have been STUBBORN!  If I set my mind to something there is no way no how that I am going to be stopped.  Even, sometimes to my own detriment.  Oh well, it’s just who I am and I am going to use it for the greater good!  I help moms to propel their lives into the next steps towards success by sharing my experience and step by step plans for achievement.  Because this is different for everyone, we will cover a huge range of topics.  You may even find my husband, Bert guest blogging from time to time.

What we will do for you:

I know the blog name brings up a great question….what is this lady determined to do!? In short here it is.  Help moms like you…

  • find the career you have always wanted
  • get up the courage to go back to school
  • get and stay healthy
  • with parenting and family issues that may be holding you back from success
  • with finances and budgeting to set your dreams in motion
  • to get the best deal on buying a car (insider secrets)
  • to improve their credit scores and never have to think about it again (more secrets from the inside)

I want to use my years of business, banking, fitness industry and parenting experience to help anyone and everyone!  I am looking forward to getting to know each and every one of you who read the posts.  Please comment and let me know your thoughts!  You can also reach me by email at .

Determined to what? The secrets behind the Determined Mom
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