My name is Amanda and I am one DETERMINED MOM!  I love learning, laughing, and teaching.   I live with my husband, Bert and our soon to be three daughters in Lacey, Washington. I am determined to be a stay at home mom as soon as I can.  What better way to achieve that goal than to help other moms layout the groundwork for their dreams!  I was just laughing about my incessant need to always have another project with my husband today.  I have a more than full time “real job” as the Manager of a Credit Union.  I am also a full time mother, wife, and student!  I just kept feeling like something was missing, so I decided to fill the other few seconds of my days that were left over with this blog.  Let’s just say I am ambitious, industrious, and I love helping people.  I am looking forward to sharing my insights and knowledge with you in order to make your life more aligned with your dreams.  Thank you for reading and don’t be a stranger-comment so I know you are here!